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Group Therapy

“What is the heart? A flower opening.”

Group work has been a passion of mine since the early days of my psychotherapy training. Introvert or extrovert aside, we are all built on human connection.

There is immense value in coming together to listen, understand, and support one another. Holding that space for someone else and having it mirrored in return is truly vital in the healing process. Participation in group therapy can provide the space for this, while also cultivating an environment to learn new skills for coping, communication, understanding yourself, and more.

Through facilitating group psychotherapy, I provide a safe space to explore and to flourish as your most authentic self, free of judgment, with the support of an incredible group of people on a similar path to healing! I welcome you to consider the value of group work in opening your heart and in shifting the conscious collective.

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A Process Group for Renewal, Restoration, & Reclamation of SELF

This group is being formed due to interest around creating a community of love, support, networking, and healing for those on similar journeys of reclaiming who they were before the world interrupted.

Please contact me by clicking here to discuss details and to book an interest call.

I look forward to supporting your healing journey.

Considering group therapy?

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