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For as long as I can remember, I have held a deep love of people.

Their stories, unique in their individual lives and experiences, but somehow still with such beautifully similar threads of commonality.

I love to hear stories of redemption and resiliency, of losing yourself and reclaiming again, of love and pain, of triumph and tribulation: to feel is to be alive, and as an empath, I have plenty of feelings to spare. Becoming a therapist was a given, and it remains a passion and a privilege to be entrusted to hold this space for others.

It was not until I embarked upon my own healing journey that it became apparent: in order to truly love others (in a way that meets them exactly where they are), I must first learn to love myself from a place of authenticity.

The answer was always the same: To truly embrace yourself, you must accept all of your parts.

So here I am … a human person with flaws.

I have a past, and I have made mistakes.

I will continue to mess up along this journey we call life.

I am all people, and innately, this means that you are not alone.

It is true that there is both power and healing in numbers.

I can remember a time when acknowledging the truth of my experiences felt deeply painful. My perfectionism and people-pleasing tendencies teaming up inside of me, feeling simultaneously exposed, terrified, and disheartened. Compassion for myself felt out of reach. At that time, understanding and acceptance seemed like the opposite of what I needed.

Love myself? That’s all fine and good,” I would say, “but how do I literally put that into practice?” 

When told to love ourselves, we are often left without instructions. Other times, we find ourselves without a model. Self- love feels selfish. It feels awkward. Unattainable.

To love others though, I could do that.

So, on my own path, and with the help of many great teachers, mentors, and healers, I turned over every rock that felt scary, sad, or dark. I learned tools for integrating my experiences and transmuting shame.

My work as a therapist and the tools and techniques that I offer are a product of my professional training combined with my personal experience of healing.

There are truly a multitude of paths that can bring you back home to yourself.

I’d love to guide and support you in walking along this portion of your journey.

Education & Credentials

  • Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, University of Memphis
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of Memphis
  • Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) – License No. 15313
  • National Certified Counselor (NCC) – Certificate No. 706972
  • South Carolina Licensed Teletherapy Provider – No. 67
  • USUI and Holy Fire® Reiki Master


Throughout my training, I have been privileged to work in a wide variety of settings, varying from inpatient hospitals, residential treatment centers, and in-home outpatient care (during undergraduate), to trauma and addiction-focused clinical work and supported housing during graduate school. 

In addition, during postgraduate relocation to the United Kingdom, I worked as a registered psychotherapist in a private practice setting under the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). During my time living abroad, I gained invaluable experience working with a culturally diverse population of adult and adolescent clients.

Since relocating back to America in 2019, I have been engaged in private practice. This vast experience has allowed me to gain first- hand knowledge of the strengths and limitations related to supportive mental health care in our country, as well as informed my approach on the value of integrating holistic healing modalities into the psychotherapeutic process.

My training and experience have lent to my passion for supporting clients in healing from complex trauma, substance misuse, anxiety, low self-worth, people-pleasing, as well as co-dependency.

Specialties & Additional Training

During my time in private practice, I completed additional training in the Gottman Method for couple’s therapy, the IFS (Internal Family Systems) model, as well as sand tray therapy. Integrative methods of healing have guided my training in the Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), as well as in my certification as a USUI and Holy Fire® Master.

At present, I am in the process of completing the following additional trainings:

  • IFS Online Circle (Foundations of the IFS Model)
  • CCTP/CCTP-II (Complex Trauma Training Level I and II)
  • Couples and Addiction Recovery (The Gottman Institute.)

Who fits my approach?

You’re wanting to feel heard, supported, and understood.

You’re seeking real, non-judgmental feedback, combined with accountability.

You’re ready to heal, grow, and move forward.

Many of my clients describe themselves as “newly awakening.”

Some are looking for new options because they have struggled to find the right fit for their therapy needs.

Others are new to therapy altogether but consider themselves holistic minded or curious.

They all want to feel heard, supported, and understood… a place to come and be their transparent selves.

My clients value my sense of humor, empathy, and relatability, as well as my efforts to provide tangible support and long- term results.

Who do I work with?

I currently work with individuals (ages seventeen and older), including couples and families on a case-by-case basis.

I offer both traditional psychotherapeutic services (counseling), as well as options for integrating energy healing (mindfulness, meditation, and Reiki).

After assessing individual goals, needs, and preferences, I lean into the various modalities I’ve studied to create a customized approach for all of my clients.

Counseling can look like…

  • talk therapy
  • exploring thoughts
  • processing feelings
  • learning coping skills
  • modifying behavior

Energy healing can look like…

  • Reiki
  • mindfulness
  • meditation
  • breathwork
  • EFT tapping

* Counseling or energy work can be provided as a stand-alone service without integration of the two components as well.

Ready to get started? Wondering if this is for you?

Contact me for a complimentary 30-minute phone or video consultation to determine if we are a good fit for working together toward meeting your counseling needs. I am excited to hear from you.